Cor Ad Cor

March 2001

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Documents referred to in this issue:
On Marriage, Family and "De Facto" Unions

Pope Takes Step to Overcome Lefebvre Schism Names 4 New Members to Pontifical Panel

General Audience Talk of Pope John Paul II - 02/14/01

Interview of Cardinal Medina on March 9, 2001

Prayers after Mass

Blessed Luigi Scrosoppi to be Canonized

Kalendarium for March, April & May

Musicæ Sacræ, Pope Pius XII

Consistory in May to Examine Petrine Ministry

Bills Would Aid Pharmacists Under Conscience Law

Neri Publications

Prayer Requests
  • Front Cover (250K)
  • Page 2 (33K) - Letter from Fr. Ashley
  • Page 3 (19K) - Cont.
  • Page 4 (27K) - Pope John Paul II, General Auduence Talk
  • Page 5 (14K) - Interview woth Cardinal Medina
  • Page 6 (11K) - Preces
  • Page 7 (13K) - Cont. & Bl. Luigi Scrosoppi to be Canonized
  • Page 8 (108K) - Kalendarium
  • Page 9 (89K) - Cont.
  • Page 10 (21K) - Acta Sanctæ Sedis - Musicæ Sacræ
  • Page 11 (20K) - Cont. & News of Note
  • Page 12 (19K) - Book Review & Maxims of St. Philip Neri
  • Page 13 (21K) - Neri Publications
  • Page 14 (26K) - Donation and Prayer Request form
  • Page 15 (63K) - Prayer Requests
  • Back Cover (90K) - Novena to Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace & St. Louis de Montfort

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